Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Exiles as Missionaries

Have you ever been forced into an uncomfortable situation?  I'm talking about a time when there was nowhere to run. Maybe your hands started shaking and your heart rate accelerated like a stock-car in the Indy 500?
I've had plenty of those.
I used to hate being the new kid in school.  First day in class and the teacher would make us stand up, one by one, and introduce ourselves.  I wanted to die!  I hated being singled out and feeling everybody's piercing stares.  
Life is full of uncomfortable situations.  Open your Bible and you won't get far before you come across someone in an uncomfortable spot.  Think about Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Esther, Daniel, Jonah... all of them were called to go somewhere or to do something that was not only way outside their comfort zone, but also life-threatening!  Why does God continually put His people in uncomfortable situations?

Would love to hear your thoughts!